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@TheInfinite8s #musiclicensing #musicreview #IndieMusicBlast #boyband #viral

@TheInfinite8s #musiclicensing #musicreview #IndieMusicBlast #boyband #viral

Jun 12, 2016 5:40 PM

The Infinite Eights are an alternative/indie band based out of Tampa, read my review on chatsong. Click on the links and give comments and votes beneath this review.

The Infinite Eights are an alternative/indie band based out of Tampa, Florida. On
October 7th, 2015, The Infinite Eights opened up for In the Valley Below (who currently have the hit "Peaches" out) as this group made the Tampa stop of their tour.
Additionally, The Infinite Eights have opened up for several other national acts: The
Relationship (Weezer guitarist Brian Bell’s, band), Gringo Starr, and Aaron Carter. The
group was formed in October of 2012 and has played at a wide variety of festivals and
venues, including the 2013 Gasparilla Music Festival and WMNF Radio's Tropical
Heatwave Festival. The band has played twice on WMNF Radio 88.5, with live hourlong
sets in the January of 2015 and January of 2016. The Infinite Eights were also the
winner of Crowbar's annual Battle of the Bands in 2014. They have signed a
production deal with MPI and are releasing videos regularly on YouTube in a
documentary/web-series called "Unfound TV." The group released its first EP,
"Unfound EP," on December 18th, 2015. The EP is available on iTunes, Spotify,
Amazon Music, and through a host of other outlets. Their members include Parker
Wilkson (Vocals, Keys, Guitar), Davin Norman (Bass), and Tyler Hanks (Drums/Percussion). The Infinite Eights' sound features sweeping vocals, ethereal and percussive guitar, melodic piano, driving bass, and strong percussion.

Our music has, and always will be, extremely personal to us. We love what we do and
couldn't see ourselves doing anything else, and we hope people are able to connect to
our music in the same way we do. Knowing that your music is moving people is the
greatest feeling in the world!




Above you can read the biography and the reason why to decided to make music, now my review about this indie band. I know them a long time now and have them see growing, I have followed all updates and information about this band. The first song begins with his voice and touches me immediately inside, beautiful melodies and text. The singer has a beautiful vocal voice, I could listen to him all day long. His accent of this singer is wonderful to listen, the lyrics are very powerful. This band plays the instruments it seems like they have been done this for years, very professional. The lyrics of each songs has a meaning and beautifully written, the tunes in each song is amazing to listen. All songs so far are beautifully to listen, I am found of the lyrics off each song they have made. Amazing intro in each song full of beautiful melodies and instruments, the vocals keeps you listening to their music. This is a music band that need to be broadcast and known in each countries, this is high level musically. I am a big fan from the Netherlands, and I will do everything in my power to get them shared around the world. When they going to perform here in my village I would sleep the whole night in front of the building and be the first to buy a ticket. These musicians earned to be on the billboard charts, they are incredible good. Therefore, share and give votes and comments, beneath this review.







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