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Oct 21, 2016 11:46 AM

roadside are a 5 piece Indie band from Plymouth, Devon Sam Davey (vocals), Colin Dower (lead guitar/backing vocals), Ross McKenzie (rhythm guitar/keyboards), Steve Moore (bass guitar), Jamie Alger (drums). Read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.


This is Roadsidetunes Formed in 2008

Initially started as a song writing project then pressured into organising a gig by friends and family which was received very well and decided to raise profile

Recorded 4 live tracks and used as a demo By 2010 was invited to play as support to The Wonder Stuff and to appear in large local festivals Ivylive and Volksfest

By 2012 was locally established and decided to venture to national circuit and recorded first single together for official release

The single "Give It Up" was done as a project to raise money for charity also and it was coincided with a video. The single gained lots of national airplay and a recognition from BBC unsigned which in turn resulted in extensive gigging

Above you can read a part of their biography, the rest you can read on their website. Then now my review about this 5 piece band from Plymouth UK. First I am going to listen to the older songs they have and their first written song is called give it up, it starts with a beautiful vocal voice it hits immediately inside. Wow this is very good music, instrumental and vocal. The lead singer have an amazing voice, I can imagine they have already a fan base of 10.000 followers on Twitter. The song is great sung and written, it is from high quality and they are way better than some celebrities in the music world. Their music industry is hard and unfair, they have to be for sure in the billboard charts. Their next song is called take me under and starts with an instrument intro very well played my credit for that, then his raw and haunting vocals makes the songs amazing. His voice in your ear on the speakers is a present from god, I am a big fan of their music in the songs it is lovely. That were my reviews of the older songs, they recently made a new song called Disarm it is visual amazing, my credit for that it is just like watching a music clip on the television. Really love the intro great bass and sounds in it, and his amazing vocal voice which makes the song a good produced song. Wow i really love this song called Here I am unplugged, in this song you can hear how pure and amazing his vocal reach is. These artists are very talented and what suppressed me they have made a Charity song for a hospital in their village that is charitable and I love that they have given the money to that charity. The songs are written very professional and when he sings it with his haunting vocals, in touch your heart in each song they have made, this is world class music. It has to be heard around the world, I can not wait on their new releases. I would for sure buy a ticket when they going to be touring not only local I hope but worldwide. Therefore, share these talented musicians as much as you can and give comments and star ratings underneath this review.




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