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Dec 7, 2017 12:07 PM

This is Max Koffler and he has finished his second album, released under the label sonsoundsmusic. The title GAMES is fitting, because the 14 songs on this beautifully arranged LP all have a sense of playfulness, as does the album cover, which features a colorful abstract painting by Albrecht Oehlen. Read my album review, listen to the album and give votes and comments underneath this review.

Beyond playfulness, GAMES defies neat categorization, as it contains a wide range of sounds and moods, from the melancholic and wistful to the upbeat and carefree. Many tracks display powerful vocals and an infectious rhythm. Energetic vocals and guitars are augmented by carefully dosed synthetic sounds and electronic beats.
With its authentic rawness and brilliance, GAMES has a complexity and depth that is not quickly exhausted. Jimmy Douglass, who mixed the album at his Magic Mix Studios in Miami, describes it: "We emphasize the good things."

This is German singer-songwriter, Max Koffler, he has just released his second album " Games" by his label sonsoudsmusic a Berlin music label. Above you can read more about his album, I added the singer's website and the label's website in this review. Then now my album review of " Games", I will start with " Choose your Fate". 

The track starts with a nice intro, great synths, and other electronic beats, the song is catchy and melodic it makes you wanna tap with your feet on the rhythm of the tunes. I do hear some vocal enhancer during the track, but it fits in this track. I am not a big fan of using vocal enhancers or programs to master your vocals and when you use these types of equipment you not can define what the singer's real voice is of what he a capella capable of is.  

Then we have " the fire is yours " it has a great intro with nice guitar sounds, it sounds a little laid back the tunes they used on this track. I can hear the singer reach high octaves as well lower octaves, but like I said with the enhancer it is difficult to hear if it is his real pure sound. Anyway, the track has a great sound, lovely electronic tunes sometimes it sounds a bit like Muse. This is for sure a great track for many radio stations, especially because it has some kind of mysteriousness in tunes mostly by synthesizers and darker uptempo electronic sounds. 

Then there is the song " Limits" and this track is really amazing, the intro he starts with a very high vocal sound LIMITS almost screaming. Then you hear lovely electronic tunes, with again lovely synthesizers and other electronic beats. The track is surely unique and sounds Energetic, this track is marvelous produced. It grabs your attention immediately when you press at play, and during the song, it becomes only more amazing and better. 

I am listening now to a collaboration song between Max and Seoulmates, it is named " Purple" I must say this is totally different from the first three songs. In this track, I can hear Max vocal sound, and it is really good and I love the parts when they all sing together. This track has high chances for a hit song, it has it all great drums, guitars, synthesizers, and magnificent vocals from all singers. Besides that this song has a lovely rhythm and energetic dance sound, this is for me the best recording on the album till now. 

Then we have " Europaroma" has similarity with the high vocal sounds as Limits, but this one has marvelous 80the and 90the sounds with synthesizers and drums and other great tunes, what surprised me was that this song has other  languages I hear Italian, French, and Englisch and it is kinda unique never heard so many languages in one song. And as you can hear again filled with amazing tunes, from synths and more instruments. 

I am listening to the  "called " Watergum" and it is again a collaboration between max and Seoulmates. When you listen to his pure vocal calm and high sound, I keep asking myself why did he not use it on the other tracks? He can sing very good without equipment, maybe it is all because of the album " Games" like making game soundtracks and play with the tunes and sounds. 

This song is probably the latest track from Max Koffler, it is named " Shake hands" I must say I like the intro of this song with the drums and uptempo sounds, also the usage of the enhancer fits in the beginning of this track. after the intro, you can hear his normal pure vocals, and I have to say when he sings likes this it is really stunning. It attracts me more, as listeners also because of the great rock sounds and echoes and an amazing solo guitar piece. This track is really awesome, from the beginning until the end. I believe this song, can become a potential for many music enthusiasts and anything related to the music field. 

I am a little confused because on some music platform he has contains the album 5, then 6 or 14 tracks so what is now the complete album haha. 

But the other tracks I found are " The boldest cats" " Big charts" "love songs". 

So I will review them too, I will start with "love songs". The intro is uptempo, great usage of the enhancer, in this track it is not disturbing it fits good. I must say the song is really cool, great rock sounds and many instrumental sounds. It makes you wanna dance, and sing along with the lyrics. This is a great electronic disco song, love the uptempo speed in this track. This is something you wanna hear in a club, festival or on the radio, so this is all good produced. 

Then there is " The boldest cast" I like the intro with the almost barking dogs (vocals), haha, and I can hear his pure vocal it is very calm but pure. Together with the background tunes of the instruments, this track is for me one of their best recordings on the album besides " watergum" and " shake hand". It has a certain energy I like and has more chances of becoming heard worldwide. 

Now I think I have all the songs just one more left " big charts". I love the intro, great instrumental sounds, and guitars and synths. Also, in this recording, you can hear his great vocal sound and also from the background singers. I love this track from the beginning until the end, this track is very good. I only doubt if Max has sung on this track or that it is only the Seoulmates? anyway, this is a marvelous recording and very unique. Also, this is music you wanna hear on festivals, radios, and clubs. 

I have to say the album is full of great synths, and 80the, 90the sounds but as well great rock/pop/disco electronic instrumental sounds. I like some songs more because of the pure vocal sounds, it is for sure divers and varied only for me the enhancer or mastering of the vocals were not needed or necessary in my opinion. In the other tracks, it gave the song a boost, and it did fit in those songs which I described. They do have great recordings on the album, and therefore they should be heard around the world by radio, festivals and more with their album and unique songs. Therefore, share this review as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review.



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