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Published on 7 December 2017 at 11:07


"I can hear the singer reach high octaves as well lower octaves, but like I said with the enhancer it is difficult to hear if it is his real pure sound. I can hear Max vocal sound, and it is really good and I love the parts when they all sing together"


This is Max Koffler and he has finished his second album, released under the label sonsoundsmusic. The title GAMES is fitting, because the 14 songs on this beautifully arranged LP all have a sense of playfulness, as does the album cover, which features a colorful abstract painting by Albrecht Oehlen

Beyond playfulness, GAMES defies neat categorization, as it contains a wide range of sounds and moods, from the melancholic and wistful to the upbeat and carefree. Many tracks display powerful vocals and an infectious rhythm. Energetic vocals and guitars are augmented by carefully dosed synthetic sounds and electronic beats.
With its authentic rawness and brilliance, GAMES has a complexity and depth that is not quickly exhausted. Jimmy Douglass, who mixed the album at his Magic Mix Studios in Miami, describes it: "We emphasize the good things."


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