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Published on 19 July 2016 at 10:36



"Wow they have really a rhythm in the songs, and I almost think I am listening to the new Micheal Jackson but this artist has his own unique style but very close to Micheal"


Indie Soull is the solo stage persona of singer/songwriter Mutch Katsonga. Combining astute songwriting, accomplished yet unflashy musical dexterity and engageing vocals his sound has broad appeal. The name "Indie Soull" It is a shortening of the band name "The Indie Soul Movement". Indie Soull has performed at countless venues across London, New York and Australasia and has recorded several studio albums that are available on most major music sites including itunes, amazon and spotify. The Indie Soul Movement was formed in London, UK. They have performed at countless venues across London and Australasia ,including The Notting Hill Arts Club and the Legendary Hope & Anchor in Islington. The Indie Soul Movement's music has been part of Brylcreem's "effortless"promotional campaign,having been featured on a ten track compilation.They have also appeared in the UK music magazine NME on more than one occasion. Australia has featured them in their Melbourne Fresh Industry Showcase in which they were finalists and they continue to gig regularly across Australasia. 
The recent SINGLE "Stages" became part of a solo project by Mutch Katsonga as the re-invented Indie Soull. Mutch Katsonga went on to release his debut solo EP as Indie Soull in 2016. The EP was entitled "Words That Flew From The Page(Part 1-5)" and showcased all new material. This was followed by the solo LP "Indie Soull by Indie Soull" then the EP "LIVE at The Bitter End, NYC". This was followed the single/album entitled "Homeward"Tracks from the solo releases can be previewed on YouTube and purchased at ITUNES, Amazon, emusic and all online stores.