Published on 4 January 2017 at 15:28




"Very stunning. Wow, This band, I can imagine that they would find them the best rock band in Ireland and is absolutely true"


Elevation Falls are a young Classic Rock/Pop/Blues Band based in Ireland. Recent winners of Hard Rock Cafe's 'Hard Rock Rising' in Ireland for 2016, and having two of their videos on global rotation with the chain, they have gone from strength to strength, with a staunch group of followers. This year also saw them chosen as part of the soundtrack for Canadian Film'Patient 62' with their song 'Goodbye To You', the film has won a number of film awards & are currently nominated for Best Soundtrack in NY. EF were also selected for a promotional compilation CD with Loom Records and Pete Holidai (Radiators From Space Fame), for release in 2017 as 'The Best of Irish Rock' Fronted by the powerful and unique vocal talents of 20-year-old singer/songwriter Hazel Jade, EF's Warrior Queen, she formed the band at the start of 2013, and although she has been likened inability to many great female singers such as Ann Wilson

(Heart), you will not mistake her vocal for any other artist. Music was always her passion since the age of 3, and Hazel Jade performed in many musical productions as a child. Once she reached 16, she made a decision to have a rock band, as she felt that a solo career was not for her, and many of her musical idols were in that genre. Eventually, she has found 4 like-minded musicians who share her passion for producing great rock, influenced by many different musical styles from the past.

They are currently working on an album (Armies Rising), but a demo that was produced as a rough guide to one of the songs was felt to be suitable as a teaser release, & despite the fact it was only the lead singer on the track, we felt it displayed raw talent. To that end, we put a small video together for the song & had it professionally mixed and mastered.