Published on 20 January 2017 at 14:11



CRANE had its genesis in early 2016 in Los Angeles, California. CRANE essentially is a solo project that took on the form of a band. Bobby Crane began recording his debut EP with the help of young producers, Jesse Rhodes and Mark Einhorn at The Abstract Recording Studios. The creative synergy between the three was strong – they knew they were on to something, so they made it official. Rhodes joined as lead guitarist, backing vocalist, and Ableton programmer, Einhorn manned the keys, with Crane as lead vocalist. Soon, CRANE recruited Billy Parks as the drummer, and the four began working on their live performance. After some time rehearsing, the band felt they were missing a key element. So CRANE started recruiting bassists. Bobby Crane met Jeremy Bauer through his longtime friend, Chase Ginther. Bauer was invited to join in on some rehearsals and quickly became CRANE’s official bassist. He definitely brought the boom that their live sound was yearning for. 


Fear of Flight, CRANE’s debut EP, boasts a wide range of genres while maintaining a distinct, recognizable sound. The band has been working tirelessly on the record for over a year, and is excited to reach your ears. Enjoy.

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