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kitto official

Published on 11 August 2017 at 07:13


"Her voice is original, unique and it is damn good.When she does touch on the higher octaves of her range it gives you goose bumps. I find it unbelievable how good she can sing and the lyrics behind the song are very touching and are thought provoking"


This is KITTO, and she has mixed her thoughtful and profound lyrics, with her love of Atmospheric Electronic and Drum & Bass music, to create a sound that is truly her own!

In an interview KITTO said, “That feeling you get when you're sitting in front of a fire, with your loved ones, drinking
hot chocolate or a cup of tea is a very similar feeling I get inside when I write music, it feels like home. I write and make music because I am extremely passionate and have a love for it. I personally don't think you can get a better feeling than when you connect with an audience through music, you have written from the heart. This is why I do what I do.”
This singer-songwriter is Kitto, she is from Hertfordshire and has been releasing various singles throughout 2017, more information about this young singer can be found on her website below.

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