Published on 14 August 2017 at 08:35


you hear a vocal with emotions the lyrics he wrote and sings comes over and hits you in your heart.


Enigmatic visionary Ghostly Beard pens emotive prog-pop. From the vaults of his prismatic artistry, he issues a clutch of EPs and albums

The story goes that Ghostly Beard is a virtuoso singer, songwriter, producer, and multi instrumentalist who recently came out of a 15-year musical retirement. Since emerging in 2013, he has written an eclectic body of music more than 40-songs strong. 

The man behind the music is Patrick Talbot. Talbot grew up a hotshot guitarist with an effortless command of the instrument and fluidity in a variety of genres. Domestic responsibilities and the demands of making a living sidelined him. However, a series of events—both painful and liberating—have enabled him to reunite with his true love for a second chance. 

Ghostly Beard’s music offers an immersive emotionality that can appear enigmatic. Beneath its dreaminess is themes of absence, yearning for the past, regret, and hope. Also penetrating what could seem like Ghostly Beard’s icy veneer of anonymity is the love for his daughter. “Something changed for me when I became a father. Even if I am something of a loner in this world, she is there to ground me,” Talbot shares. 

Select highlights on his upcoming EP, Infinite, include “Close Your Eyes,” “Frozen in Time,” and “No Return.” This five-track release opens with wistful folk on “Close Your Eyes” which soon morphs into a multi-textured, hauntingly beautiful epic brimming with longing and exquisite melodies, and a positively David Gilmour-esque teardrop guitar solo. The ethereal “Frozen in Time” is delicately majestic with airy vocals, subtle chops-y melodic flourishes, and space themed existential lyrics. The detached ambient elegance of “No Return” offers listeners a chance to vibe out and set out on an inward journey. 


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