"His voice is unique, When you listen to it he sure has a voice for country and Americana music"

Tim Bennett grew up in Southern California listening to a wide variety of music from Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Folk, and Bluegrass. "There was no musical genre called Americana when I was a kid", says Tim. "Americana has evolved from a music cast off by other mainstream genres for not fitting their particular mold. Americana can rock and soar, break your heart and make you cry, make you laugh or make you proud. It's definitely made in America."

Tim is the former lead singer/songwriter for the band Whistler’s Father, an Americana group whose independent 2015 release “Highly Irregular” received airplay globally. "I Really Don't Miss You At All" made the Top 40 of The Roots Music Report Americana Chart and The Top 75 of The Fan Voted Chart.


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"Amazing guitar slides, great written lyric again. I like the transition from melodic hard rock to noise rock, it makes this band fascinating to hear. This is perfect for many festivals in this genre"


Formed in 2014 in Denver, Colorado, Against Himself fuse elements of rock and metal. Shortly after forming, they released a four-track self-titled EP, which exhibited their hard-hitting potential. Their celerity in recording their first EP exemplifies their focus on not over-complicating the equation by agonizing over obstacles. David Hunt, the vocalist of Against Himself, explains, “If you want to achieve anything in life, the only true barrier to getting where you want to go is yourself. Just remove yourself from your own path and you won’t be working against yourself; you’ll likely achieve what you want to do. The only barriers that exist are the ones you allow to be there.” The band, never intimidated by the prospect of experimenting with their sound to continually create unique music, is true to their motto that “there is no failure, only a process of elimination, and trial and error.”

While not inherently a political band, Against Himself is not afraid to tackle political ideas and avoid the stereotypical rock and roll topics that ensure record sales but lack a message that would connect them with their audience. When describing the songwriting process, Hunt notes, “I like to talk about things that matter, things that most people avoid. Strippers and coke – they’re great, fuck yeah! But when you’re being robbed by your government and there’s shit going on that’s way bigger, sometimes there’s something that needs to be said. It’s hard to change the world, but the way we know how to do it is through music.”


The Awakening – produced by the legendary Logan Mader of Once Human and Machine Head, and recorded in Las Vegas, NV – features 11 tracks with themes encompassing “the awakening of us, of reality, of people, of the world.” Regarding the meaning of their debut album’s title, Hunt says, “There is a major awakening going on and there’s going to be a revolution, it’s just not going to happen the way people imagine it will. It’s going to be around social media, with the youth being more educated, making bigger and better decisions than the generation before them.” For David as a lyricist, the driving force behind the album’s theme is the ability to share a connection with the band’s audience. He explains, “I’m always the one holding up the show when a new song comes out because I don’t want to write something just to write it; I want it to be real. If every song is real, I will feel it on stage. Our fans watching will get more enjoyment out of it and will feel it as well. The energy connection will be much stronger.”

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"He has a pure and warm vocal, this is a great recorded song it is kinda a mix of pop music and folk"


Mack Meadows is a diverse guitarist in genres across the spectrum. Mack has always loved sharing the gift of music and has built his career performing before audiences and teaching guitar professionally

Prior to managing music stores across the Southeast for several years, Mack appeared as a solo recitalist and chamber musician. He played three seasons at Seaside Music Theater in the pit orchestra as a guitarist, in such shows as Evita, Anything Goes, and Little Me, as well as a flamenco guitarist in Man of La Mancha. He has also worked as a studio session musician in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee.


Mack earned a Bachelor of Music Degree from Stetson University, where he was a member of the Stetson Guitar Quartet.  He became a sought-after teacher in Vero Beach, Florida, and played clubs and events throughout the Treasure Coast area.  Musical styles included Blues, Rock, Rockabilly and Latin Jazz.


Mack Has brought his music to Key Largo, where for years now he keeps a busy schedule playing for visitors and locals at the beautiful bars and restaurants.  His style has become quite a bit more tropical, no doubt influenced by the spectacular sunsets and libations.


Recently, Mack had the privilege of recording songs written by Grammy-nominated songwriter Dennis Morgan, and other outstanding songwriters for his CD "Carry Me Home".  It is a blend of Country, Blues and a little Rock 'N Roll.  "Good music is good music in any genre" has always been Mack's philosophy.

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"I can hear the singer reach high octaves as well lower octaves, but like I said with the enhancer it is difficult to hear if it is his real pure sound. I can hear Max vocal sound, and it is really good and I love the parts when they all sing together"


This is Max Koffler and he has finished his second album, released under the label sonsoundsmusic. The title GAMES is fitting, because the 14 songs on this beautifully arranged LP all have a sense of playfulness, as does the album cover, which features a colorful abstract painting by Albrecht Oehlen

Beyond playfulness, GAMES defies neat categorization, as it contains a wide range of sounds and moods, from the melancholic and wistful to the upbeat and carefree. Many tracks display powerful vocals and an infectious rhythm. Energetic vocals and guitars are augmented by carefully dosed synthetic sounds and electronic beats.
With its authentic rawness and brilliance, GAMES has a complexity and depth that is not quickly exhausted. Jimmy Douglass, who mixed the album at his Magic Mix Studios in Miami, describes it: "We emphasize the good things."


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"he immediately starts to rap with his great Irish Accent and it sounds all very pure, I love the deep vocal he has."
Music by Ganiyu is what you get when you mix alternative Irish dialect with mainstream Hip-Hop
Currently featured on some established Irish media platforms like 'Nialler9, 'District Magazine', 'The best of music and film' blog and one of the Ireland major news outlets 'The Irish Times', Ganiyu's kinds of music has been described as 'Shivery'.
Mainly working with producers around the world. The internet brings us all together. To share ideas as well as critiques. Ganiyu's need to express the voice of his peers. Telling the story that would be unknown to the world. May songs have been recorded and still sitting in the vault. The hustle as an independent artist is real but at the same time, it gives you something to talk about. 'What I would say has played the biggest part in shaping the sound of 'Ganiyu TLG' is the drive to be heard.
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I love her voice it is dark with emotions and with a hoarseness, together with the piano, it is a masterpiece and very emotionally loaded. 



Once a band, now a solo project, Murmur Tooth is the songs of Leah Hinton. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, sometimes grimy, sometimes beautiful, not for elevators, not for dancing.Leah grew up in rural New Zealand playing classical piano and wanting to be a doctor.  At 15 she heard Nirvana’s Bleach album and everything changed.  She began teaching herself guitar and decided to study music instead of medicine.  At university, she formed an avant-metal band and spent the next 10 years playing around Australasia and Europe. Leah formed Murmur Toothsome years after settling in Berlin, Germany.  It was here that she became fascinated by the possibilities of the recording, mixing and producing process as an extension of the creative songwriting process, and she built herself a home recording studio.“Dropping Like Flies” is the result of this.  Written, played, recorded and mixed by Hinton, it is her attempt at capturing that dark, awesome, spine-tingling feeling that she first felt when she heard Bleach all those years ago.


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Tall Poppies are an eccentric indie-pop four piece fronted by identical twin sister songstresses Susan and Catherine on vocals, bass and guitar with Diarmuid Nugin alongside violinist Doug Fink - previously the drummer in Noah and the Whale.

'High Time' EP was released in Autumn 2015 and they have been touring up and down the UK including numerous UK festivals such as 2000 trees, Hay on Wye, Ashford Create with repeat bookings at east London's cult vintage venue Paper Dress and an appearance at London Fashion Week. 
The 'Cat Got Your Tongue' single launch party was sold out at Dalston's Servant Jazz Quarters. 

Tall Poppies match neat, melodic indie pop with darker, creative notions. Perth twins Susan and Catherine spin tales of life from both sides of the planet alongside violinist Diarmuid and Doug Fink - previously the drummer in Noah and the Whale. The band bear similarities to Kate Bush and Camera Obscura, with influences including the likes of The SmithsDavid Bowie and Belle and Sebastian.  Working with London based producer Brian O'Shaughnessy  (produced Primal Scream's ‘Screamadellica’) as well as with Paul Tipler (Elastica, Idlewild, The Horrors, Stereolab), the new album 'Let's Go Out' will be out early 2018. 

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"This music is fresh, new and they have certainly potential to become known worldwide and play gigs with their fresh punk sound"


Second Hand Arms Dealer is a brand new Punk Rock Band from Bristol, formed 3 months ago. We have a huge sound with a political edge. Taking influence from RATM, White Stripes, Royal Blood, Sex Pistols and Chilli's

Drawing from multiple different influences means the range of music is vast. From Rage Against The Machine to Ben Howard there are no limitations to the sound this three produce. That being said all of their music has a similar feel. Schofield adds flavor to his drums with counter-rhythms which play with and taunt the listener. Shortman juxtaposes heavy and thundering chorus riffs with beautifully crafted verse melodies running through his intricate pedal board to create a sonic wonder. While Spurrell connects the two with sporadic and funky bass lines while drawing the listener close with his soft voice only to unleash the full power of his blues-rock inspired, angst is driven, an edge of your seat vocals.


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"the lead singer can sing marvelous notes in low and high octaves"



Formed in 2012 and, Black Income is a Danish Alternative Rock Band that comes out of the 90’ - Grunge and Hard Rock scene praised by the critics from all over the world for the latest album “Noise Pollution”. Black Income describe themselves as "a new rock identity rooted in the waters of the grunge genre". Their lyrical expression comprises honesty and realism, and originality is said to be what drives the band, though artists such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots inspire them.

After only one year together, in 2013, Black Income teamed up with producer Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, D-A-D) and entered the legendary Medley Studio in Copenhagen, where bands like Radiohead, D-A-D, and Kent has recorded some of their best albums. In 2016 the album ‘Noise Pollution’ was released, it's twelve hard-hitting and extremely well-written rock-tunes with a focus in the riff and the catchy melody, from the guys who are smitten by the melodic grunge of the 90’s. Without repeating the history, Black Income brings a new dimension and a new level of the genre! The Debut album ‘Noise Pollution’ tells the story of a world in chaos, where everybody knows best and doesn't listen to each other. A World where shouting out your own views and opinions while being deaf to other people – That’s Noise Pollution! The lyrics are about the massive impact the social media has on us and about the materialistic world we all are a part of. It’s about true feelings of love and hate. After some years of touring with their latest album “NOISE POLLUTION”, in 2017, the band once again has entered the legendary Medley Studio in Copenhagen with Soren Andersen and started recording their second album, to be released summer 2018. Now the first single and video “Feels Like A Storm” is released the 10’th of November 2017, and after that, there is even more to come. As the name of the band suggests, there's an undercurrent of sarcasm and black humor in their brand of hard rock, as demonstrated by Noise Pollution, their debut LP from 2016.


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"You can hear he is experienced in singing, it is if you are listening to U2 or David Bowie. I am so impressed, this is world class rock and rock and he sure does have the appearances for a rock and roll singer"


Charlie frontman for Rollingexile began his musical journey in Dublin by successfully conning a few people that he could play the drums to the extent he was invited to play in a couple of bands, Charlie has since had a career most musicians can only dream of. After playing with several bands inc the legendary Berlin not to mention playing 6 gigs for U2 whilst deputizing for Larry Mullins, and appearing in several books covering the Irish Rock scene,


Charlie then made the move to London following the break up of Berlin where he began writing and recording new material. During this time, his friend Mathew Ashman from Adam and The Ants and Bow Wow Wow brought him into the studio and produced and played guitar on his first self-composed recording “Move On” After taking a break from the music industry, Charlie made a return in 2010 as a solo artist when he supported The Boomtown Rats Roberts+Crowe on a European Tour. 

After the tour, the first album Exile was recorded with various guest musicians inc Garry Roberts from The Boomtown Rats. A band was assembled to tour and promote the album, this was the birth of Rollingexile. The release of the second Rollingexile album HARDLINE dedicated to Phil Lynott is being toured in Europe and the USA Throughout 2017 and is expected to increase their profile even further.


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"Amazing electronic guitar riffs, following up with a male vocal with a melodic touch. This voice fits perfect on the sounds of this heavy melodic metal, he has a dramatic voice which brings the lyrics better over to the listeners"
Heroes Don’t Ask Why is a Finnish metal band formed in 2015. In the spring 2016 line-up was finished in its current form with a drummer Kimmo Puhakka taking his place behind the drum kit. The music that followed was melodic divorce metal with a rock attitude. All things advanced rapidly and the first self-titled six-song album was released in December 2016. 
Twin-guitar attack by cousins Jussi Pajunpää and Matias Kaunisvesi are both aggressive and in the next moment, a mellow melancholic bluesy flow of notes. There’s a clear hint of a Scandinavian metal root but with an added quest for a tender guitar work. 
 Solid rock sound is completed with bass player Jussi "Johnny" Kivioja, who follows the path of his hero: Lemmy Kilmister.
Album was recorded, mixed & mastered at the water castle studio in Punkalaidun Finland during 2016 by Arttu Sarvanne. The cover arts designed by Terje Tiilikka Finland. The album was released on 9.12.2016, we are planning to do the next 6-12 song album next year spring 2018. 
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"Her voice sounds very mature and she has a great timing as well"


Pop artist Samantha LaPorta has been hard at work on her new music.

Originally from Boca Raton, FL, Samantha has been captivating local audiences with her unique vocal talents and skilled guitar playing in local seaside venues around town. Catching the eyes and ears of local tv stations and news channels.

This young artist cut her baby teeth on the legendary stages of Nashville, where she was introduced to songwriting and performing. Winning numerous awards "Best Teen Artist", " Artist to Watch" and more.

Samantha, later joined forces with multi-platinum producer/songwriter Jason Nevins and hit selling singer/songwriter Lucas Prata In the summer of 2016. Samantha's debut single "Summertime Hold On Me " was picked up by a national coffee franchise, playing coast to coast.

Samantha finished the year with her hit holiday single "Santa's Back In Business" on RADIO DISNEY and made the grade on top teen social media site Sweetyhigh "The Best Holiday Songs of 2016”.
Samantha's "I Know U Know" with TwoDB can be heard on Radio Disney. Nov. 2017, Samantha Released “It’s a Girl Thing” which debuted at Vinyl Music Hall for an Anti-bullying rally for 1,700 fans and on “After The Bell” at Sweethigh, in Los Angeles for 27,000 streaming fans. "It’s a Girl Thing” is currently on multiple SPOTIFY Playlists. You can connect with Samantha on her Social Media sites, links found on her website. 


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Sam Stevens: lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Joe Gavito: guitars, keyboards, vocals
Steffen Goeres: guitars, trumpet
Jimmy Olsson: bass
Raimund Breitfeld: drums, percussion

They recorded their first album "Global Experience" over 3 continents together, founding members were Raimund Breitfeld, Steffen Goeres, Don Bruner,  Stephan Goessl and Roland Childs. Texans Pat Hunt and Randy Miller, who produced the band's first album, joined the band replacing Don Bruner and Roland Childs December 2012. June 2013 brought the departure of saxophonist Stephan Goessl and the arrival of Texan guitarist Joe Gavito. 2016, Album Nr.2 "Heartbeat Of The World" was released by Spectra Music Group. 2017- WORLD5, in its 3rd incarnation, has a new line up. Joining Rai, Steffen, and Joe are 2 accomplished journeymen. British singer/songwriter
and multi-instrumentalist, Sam Stevens and Swedish bass player, Jimmy Olsson.
Sam has been a successful songwriter, performer, and session guitarist in the European music scene, working with a number of artists and studios across Europe. Among those clients is a pop impresario, Simon Napier Bell.  Jimmy has performed with some of the most popular groups in Sweden, such as Nynningen, Nationalteatern,  and Björn Afzelius Band. The band is currently working on Album Number 3. 

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"His voice, throughout, is incredible; very pure and unique. It sounds almost like Bryan Adams, a very controlled voice - he clearly has a lot experiences with singing and playing"


Veteran Americana/Blues/ Folk singer-songwriter based in London; he has played in three bands before - The Mariachis, The Rich Evans Band and Roosevelt Bandwagon. He has gone solo with his album "B sides and Outtakes" and released this through Baby Dylan Records


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"Her voice is so sweet but very pure and powerful, she really has a pop vocal. I hear her voice is not yet grown vocally as an adult singer, but for her age, she has a very good vocal and no any false note in it. I really love it, and if she is already so controlled with singing"


My name is K8 (Kate Walker ) I live on the south coast of England and I am 13. 
I started singing at 9 when a friend asked me along to a summer club. I loved it and carried on with the club. A vocal coach spotted a little talent and took me on. Then I went on to write Guardian Angel when I was 10. I recorded and released it last December when I was 12. I've since written Forever and Sky High both have been released. I've nearly finished my 4th song

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"The lead singer has a great raw and pure vocal, he has a lot of vocal power inside him"
Three piece band from Lancashire creating the biggest and boldest sound. With their combination of Folk and Punk-Rock and Powerful melodies and catchy riffs, they are the band of 2017.
Deacon Brody, formed in November 2016, is a British Rock band from Lancashire, in the North West of England. Composed of Jayke Cox (guitar, lead vocals), Joe McManus (bass, vocals) and Danny Loftus (drums, vocals). An eventful first year has seen them appear on tour with Misfires, play sold out Manchester shows and release their Debut EP "Hey To The River" and " Concrete Rhythms available now on Spotify and all major platforms.

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